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Childhood diabetes

A School-Based Intervention for Diabetes Risk Reduction

Charles A. Reasner, M.D.
Volume 29, Number 4, pages 30-31

Bring Back Recess

Daniel L. Lorber, M.D.
Volume 20, Number 2, pages 46-47

Diabetes in Youth

Daniel L. Lorber, M.D.
Volume 22, Number 2, pages 44-45

Growth Issues in Pediatric Diabetes

Justin A. Indyk, M.D., Ph.D.
Volume 31, Number 4, pages 8–17

Insulin Pump Therapy in Children and Adolescents

Jean Corrigan, R.N., B.S.N., M.A., C.D.E.
Volume 28, Number 3, pages 17-24

Integrating Diabetes Self-Management Into Primary Care

Teresa L. Pearson, M.S., R.N., C.D.E., and Jerry D. Meece, R.Ph., F.A.C.A., C.D.E.
Volume 24, Number 2, pages 16-22

Management of Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus in a 1-Month-Old Male

Lauren Pankratz, M.D., Carisse Orsi, M.D., Chandra Slusser, and Jane Lynch, M.D.
Volume 29, Number 2, pages 4-10

Practical Management of Diabetes in Children

Carisse Orsi, M.D., and Lauren Pankratz, M.D.
Volume 28, Number 3, pages 10-16

Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Children with Diabetes

Jennifer Miller, M.D., and Janet Silverstein, M.D.
Volume 23, Number 2, pages 13-18

Teaching Teens to Cope

Margaret Grey, Dr.P.H., F.A.A.N., C.D.E., and William V. Tamborlane, M.D.
Volume 22, Number 2, pages 26-29

The Benefits of Peer Support for Parents of Children With Type 1 Diabetes

Elisa Brier Cruz, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Bronx, NY; M.S. Candidate, Diabetes Education and Management, Teachers College, Columbia University
Volume 36, Number 1, pages 10-12

Type 2 Diabetes in Children and Adolescents

Ram Weiss, M.D., and Sonia Caprio, M.D.
Volume 22, Number 4, pages 19-23