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Volume 36, Number 1, pages 15-17

Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs): From Orals to Injectables

Kathleen Wyne, M.D., Ph.D.

Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs) were first approved in the U.S. in 2000 with the glyburide/metformin combination called Glucovance®. Initially, many physicians opposed the use of FDCs because they felt they prevented our ability to optimally titrate the doses of either medication. One argument used to counter that was data showing compliance improved with decreased frequency of dosing (i.e., daily rather than BID) and with a decreased number of pills. However, the success of that initial glyburide/metformin formulation at improving glucose control led to rapid adoption of an FDC as part of our armamentarium. Interestingly, that formulation utilized a micronized glyburide that was significantly different from prior formulations and may have been one of the reasons this specific FDC was so successful.

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