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Volume 36, Number 3, pages 14-17

Engaging the Family in Diabetes Management: Educator’s Corner

Annie Chathanatt Mathew, PharmD, CDE, Ambulatory Care Specialist, Parkland Health and Hospital System, Dallas, Texas

Rosalyn, a 74-year-old female, has uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes and multiple comorbidities. She has arrived for her initial diabetes visit, accompanied by her adult daughter. When her name is called, Rosalyn proceeds forward alone while her daughter remains in the waiting area. The educator asks Rosalyn if she would like to have her daughter join her for the visit. Rosalyn is open to the suggestion, and her daughter is invited to attend the visit. The educator explains the reason for the visit and the benefits of the daughter’s participation. The opportunity to foster family support is quite often overlooked. Implementing family support as part of your patient’s care may be as simple as inviting a relative to join the visit.

Educator's Corner