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Volume 32 (2013)

Number 1

Prevention of Cardiovascular Events in Diabetes (pages 6–9)

Robert J. Chilton, D.O.

A New Approach to the Care of Hospitalized Patients with Type 2 Diabetes (pages 10–18)

Stanley Schwartz, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.E., and Ralph A. DeFronzo, M.D.

Support Group Savvy (pages 19–21)

Leigh B. Bak, M.S., R.N., C.D.E.

Can Dark Chocolate and Red Wine Prevent Dementia? (pages 22–23)

Charles A. Reasner, M.D.

Number 2

Accuracy Considerations for Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (pages 6–24)

Rosemarie Lajara, M.D., and Melissa L. Maguire, R.N., C.D.E.

Herbal Products for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes (pages 25–30)

Lana Dvorkin Camiel, Pharm.D., and Jennifer Goldman-Levine, Pharm.D., C.D.E., B.C.-A.D.M., F.C.C.P.

Start by Listening to the Patient (pages 32–33)

Kathleen Wyne, M.D., Ph.D.

Number 3

The V-Go®, a Simple Disposable Insulin Delivery Device for Type 2 Diabetes (pages 6–22)

Marc I. Sandberg, M.D., F.A.C.P., C.D.E., and Joseph B. Martinez, R.Ph., P.D.E., P.P.C.

Body, Mind, and Spirit–Directed Education (pages 23–29)

Bonnie J. Bartos, P.A.-C., M.H.P., C.D.E., and Wendy Drew, A.P.R.N., A.C.N.S.-B.C., C.D.E.

Weight Management and Diabetes (pages 30–32)

Kathleen Wyne, M.D., Ph.D.

Number 4

American Diabetes Association Guideline Compliance in the Alabama School System (pages 6–22)

Jessica Skelley, Pharm.D., David R. Luthin, Ph.D., Thomas W. Woolley, Ph.D., Jack Berry, Ph.D., Jason Skelley, M.D., Charles D. Sands IV, Ph.D., Ali Lloyd, Pharm.D. Candidate, 2015, and Ashley Waddell, Pharm.D Candidate, 2015

Diagnosing the ‘Disease’ of Central Obesity (pages 23–27)

Tamara Shan and Samir Desai, M.D.

Podiatric Diabetology (pages 28–30)

Joseph Alencherry, D.P.M., A.A.C.F.A.S., and Fred DeLucia, D.P.M., A.A.C.F.A.S.

Screening for Type 1 Diabetes (pages 31–33)

Kathleen Wyne, M.D., Ph.D.