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Guidelines for Authors

Practical Diabetology addresses the problems and questions arising in the day-to-day care of persons with diabetes. Our articles accent the practical rather than theoretical questions of diabetes management.

Submissions will receive a rapid peer review and decision about acceptance. Whenever possible, papers accepted for publication in Practical Diabetology will be published within six months of initial submission.

Articles accepted for Practical Diabetology may not have been previously published in the same or similar form. They may represent work that has been presented or published elsewhere but has been modified for submission to Practical Diabetology.

Remember that our readership is interested in practical aspects of diabetes and its management. The best Practical Diabetology papers present a how-to approach to understanding, diagnosing, and treating diabetes. Tables and illustrations are encouraged. References should be used sparingly; a “suggested reading” list is also acceptable.

Most articles are 2000–3000 words in length. This is approximately 8–12 typed, double-spaced pages. Articles should be submitted in typed, double-spaced form with a cover page listing the article’s title, the authors’ names, their academic degrees and professional credentials, and the name and address of the one author to whom correspondence should be directed.

Publication of any article is contingent on all authors’ disclosure of affiliation(s) with or financial involvement with any organization or entity with a financial interest in or financial conflict with the subject or materials discussed in the manuscript. All financial and material support for the article must be clearly identified in the manuscript. Publication is further contingent on all authors’ transfer of copyright to the publisher. After the Editor has transmitted the manuscript to the publisher, the publisher will send a form for financial disclosure and transfer of copyright to the one author to whom correspondence should be directed.

MS Word files of the article should be sent to [email protected]